Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trials playtime...

Since I bought the Sherco I've not really been in a fit state to ride it, (small matter of some health issues now I'm getting older I guess it'll become the norm... bugger!!), anyhoo, the last couple of days I've managed to get out in the garden & have a bit of fun with a neighbour, Tony & Gaz on his Gas Gas.

So over the last couple of weeks as the weather has allowed, I've been putting together some bits of old rubble, some cut down trees & plenty of scavenged bits of building flotsam to make up some obstacles in my allotment... the result is a little playground right on my doorstep which is just right for the trials bikes!!

Tony hasn't ridden a bike for a lot of years, but he used to dispatch in Germany so has plenty of experience... a bit shaky at first he soon got the hang of the basics & was off around the place having great fun... fitness became the issue rather than the riding! ;-)

For me, I'm happy just to be back on a bike, I was a little scared of the Sherco, it's got no weight & a lot of power... it bit me a bit today as I was trying to pop the front wheel over a log, too much throttle & it was up in the air with me hanging on for grim death!! I felt that one I must admit, but for the most part it was just a pleasure, it's really light to steer, will stop when you want on top of a bank or before an obstacle & then will burst forward in a (usually) controlled way... I can't wait to enter it into some comps to see how I get on...

The biggest obstacle at the moment is a pile of slabs, which for me is too high at the mo, but Gaz, who has a long background in trials from some years ago, managed to 'style' his way over them at the first attempt... it took three more for me to get this picture!!

So I have a few more ideas for obstacles, some old car tyres & maybe a tractor tyre too, but first I have to master popping the front wheel in the air, something I'm shite at on any bike! Great stuff...

More motorbiking fun to be had!!

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