Thursday, 15 January 2015

TRF Film History...

Just lately on the main TRF Facebook page, there has been several classic black & white films showing the history of the sport of off road riding & driving...

The films are based around the UK, showing several of the lanes that are now closed under the various legal Acts that have been passed in the intervening years...

Anyway, my thoughts about all of that is already written on this blog, therefore no need to rehash old ground as they say, so sit back with a cuppa & smile as you watch the old school boys & girls face the same mechanical issues we still face today & see if you can name any of those lanes too!!

Mud & Mirth 1934

Travers Reliability Trial 1921

Highways & Byways 1934

Here's a film I found about a British manufacturer from the 1960's, great footage & narrated by a very young Eamonn Andrews!!

Look at Life 1960's Scrambling

And her's an 8mm trials competition, just to show the bikes have changed but neither the ground or the passion has really!!

1960 Motorcycle Trial

These are fab & bring a smile to my face, hope you enjoy them...

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