Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Trials Riding Stuff... Skills & a bit of fun...

Looking around on the web for some techniques stuff, I found loads of films, but the funniest & most informative seems to be the Auzzie films by the Western District Trials Club.

The narrator has a great sense of humour & there are loads of good silly bits in the each film to take any kind of seriousness out of the stuff their teaching... ;-)

I've learnt loads form watching these films, although I've only just got to the stage where I can pop a wheelie on the wee little beastie, so long way to go yet!!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd pop the links on here for anybody else to have a mooch at... I've also put some good entertainment clips from YouTube too, so we can easily while away a few hours on a wet cold night in!!

Spotting for another trials rider
Setting up your bike
Auzzie pre comp mechanical inspection
How to balance your bike
Body position
Full lock & pivot turns
How to wheelie

Intermediate stuff...
Steep descents & drop offs
Steep climbs
Using the bashplate
Double blips & zaps
Slow sit down Wheelies - Graham Jarvis styly...
SLOWMOTION moto trial - clearing big obstacles, all slowed down to show the technique

Advanced stuff...
Hopping for traction
Flip turns
Jumping gaps
Floater turns

Fun stuff...

Dougie Lampkin did an ace film of riding through a giant igloo, check this out... here & a fun one through the Red Bull factory

Toni Boui on his 4 stroke Repsol Montessa... nice short good film... here & some rock hopping on Facebook.

Portland Boys - some lads who live in Portland, who are pretty good riders & they make some cool little vids including the out takes at the end!!

The Portland Freeride Trials Project 2014
The Best of Sherco, Ricky Wiggins
Gas Gas TXT 280
Moto Trial Freestyle with Darren Brice
Fun Day Sunday Trials

Some Cumbrian Trials Events...
Bassenthwaite Club -
The Robin Hood Trial - very cool music too, Ben Howard...

Cumberland Country Motorcycle Club -
Blaze Fell
Greenhead - get up that river!

So that's a few for you, hope you like 'em... here's some pics too! ;-)

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