Sunday, 22 February 2015

Loughborough Trials Club: Riley's Railway

Another great day out on a bike, learning loads & finding out just how far I am away from being a good trials rider too!

Gaz & I had planned to do the Aughtertree trial together with the CCMCC, but family stuff called me down to the Midlands, so I had to look elsewhere.

In my searching for somewhere to practice/ride whilst I'm down south I came across the Loughborough Trial at Rileys Railway and after a quick call to Richard, the organiser, I was ready for some playtime in the mud.

Before the trial with my first comp number...

Tilton on the Hill is the nearest village, then it's a couple of small lanes through some farmland to the old railway line. Around 30 people turned up, including some lovely classic twin shocks & a few teenagers on their more modern machines. A nice varied group with some beautiful looking bikes to play on...

Oh what a mudfest it was too... there were 10 sections, with 4 circuits, they used the old abandoned railway line as a foundation & all of the sections went up, down, around & across the sides of the embankment. Added to the difficulty of the natural obstacles was all the vehicles of the competitors parked along the top, by the end of the day, loads of these were sprayed with some good splodges of mud!!

I failed abysmally at the 1st section, ending up completely missing out a big part of it, the next three were cleared, which boosted my confidence a bit, then I found some more technical sections with tight turns in deep mud, this requires a totally different set of balancing skills, one I don't possess as yet, so I fluffed all of these with 5's on each one, then I stalled a couple of times to add insult to injury!!

Whilst waiting for each section, I got talking to a few of the folk there, teaming up with a lad called Nick on his Gas Gas, we were pretty similar in levels, some I'd clear & he'd fluff & vice a versa... it was good to share the whole thing with someone else too & listen to different perspectives about each section.

By 1pm it had started to rain, it got steadily heavier as the afternoon wore on, the mud was super sticky on the bike but really slippy when trying to ride it!

The scoring works as ride the round clear = C, 1 foot dabbing the ground = 1, 2 dabs = 2, anything after this is a 5, as is stalling, I have no idea what my score was but it was a great laugh & I'll definitely be trying some more in other areas...

Now I just have to clean the bike & try to sort out the ongoing problem with my van's electrics before I can play again...

And after the mudfest!!

Great stuff...

Oh & we got the results this morning, classed as 'Retired', I thought I'd just missed out one of the sections, because I had decided not to attempt it as I knew it was too hard for me, but turns out I only went round 3 times!!... Muppet... ;-)

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