Friday, 27 February 2015

Round the world on a bike???

Lucy & I have a few plans about a 'BIG' trip at some point in the future, they revolve around getting hold of a couple of bikes, load up with some minimal gear & head off in a direction, with no real aim as to where we end up... but have lots of fun, see lots of the world & generally broaden our horizons as much as we can!

Because of this idea, we both keep looking for info, routes, blogs etc & generally keeping one eye on possibilities, hopefully we'll have a few friends along for some of the ride & most definitely I suspect we'll meet lots of new friends as we travel

In the spirit of this searching, Lucy has come across a film that is touring around the UK at the moment, so on Saturday, she is off to see this film at Rheghed near Penrith...

The fact that this is an Indian team, with a woman as a rider is pretty cool too, it shows how far certain areas of a culture have shifted from when I was a kid growing up in an Indian dominated community. Ladakh is a truly beautiful part of the world, with some fantastic ancient traditions & a culture that is fascinating. Excellent place to go visit but then leave it as you find it...

Also by the same guy, Gaurav Jani, is another film, Riding Solo to the Top of the World

I think it was his first & a solo trip into Ladakh with some harsh conditions & a steep learning curve it seems... but what a beautiful part of the world, seriously on my list of places to go as is the Karakoram Highway & the Wakhan Corridor

Both of these are nice films with some great imagery, some reality & of course they are on Royal Enfields too, not the easier bike to ride off road!!

Well done guys, keep them coming. Enjoy...

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