Saturday, 29 July 2017

Trans Euro Trail - Serbia

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Today started in a thunderstorm, heavy rain belting down onto the van where we were camped up in the Kolasin valley. A rabbit had taken shelter under the van and when I decided to move as where we were parked was filling up with water, he jumped out looking very sorry for himself and got a soaking into the bargain!

We entered Serbia via the Pljelvja / Priepolje point after a drive through the Tara Canyon to the bridge, home of rafting & bungee jumping companies it seems as well as the usual curios and trinkets. Lucy was very happy when we saw the wild sheep crossing the road and heading into the woods en route too.

It was the easiest border we’ve done to date with just a look at our passports and nod to go... excellent!

The TET crosses this road just after the border and before the police road stop, so we’d stopped to look at the gps and the route, which allowed several cars past us and into the clutches of the ticket wielding officers.

Once we’d got our bearings, we headed into Priepolje for some cash, then headed up towards Priboj and onto Kokin Brod... (mmm, my brummie puerile humour had a field day here!), mostly to avoid the ongoing rain. The TET comes down out of a range of wooded hills into Priboj, then down the tarmac to a left turn heading north. From here it winds along some woodland, passing houses hidden in the trees until it crosses a lovely high valley. It then drops to Rodoinja Lake, which is actually a dammed section of the Uvac nature reserve. It’s also the home of the both Egyptian, the Black and the Griffon Vultures and loads of deer too alongside some really big trout in the lake.

The TET climbs the hillside behind the lake, at first on tarmac, then flat dirt track before joining the E763 for a short time. We’ll pick it up tomorrow where it leaves the tarmac.

We stayed at the lake for the evening, having a beer in the local bar and getting Roxy in the water for her daily ‘old lady’ swim...