Saturday, 29 July 2017

Trans Euro Trail - Croatia

Thursday 27th July

We’re in Croatia! 

We decided that Serbia’s lovely rolling hills and forests weren’t where we wanted to be, so we drove to the lovely little fishing harbour of Karlobag on the Croatian coast and the start of the TET where it leaves the coast road.

En route, we paid a visit to the KTM/Honda shop in Zagreb, Motosport Victor, looking for brake pads as we’re getting low on both bikes and I only brought one spare set with me. I think we spoke to Victor, a really helpful guy, who spoke great english, unfortunately he had no pads, so he recommended the KTM shop in Ljublana when we pass by as it’s a great shop and Slovenia apparently has a better enduro scene than Croatia, so we’ll try there later on.

We stayed at a campsite on the edge of Karlobag, run by a slightly odd but nice lady, it’s a perfect place for bikes as it’s small, shaded and 2 minutes from the beach/bar/restaurant/shop. It’s tiny but has everything you’d need.

For us though we had another night of mosquito hell as we had forgotten to close the van up early so I jury rigged the mesh net up for the door which helped, but a few had gotten inside already.

The next morning we were both a little bleary & grumpy so we decided to go across to the island of Paga opposite on the ferry and find a place to chill out for a couple of days before embarking on the TET properly. We ended up in a picturesque little place called Kosljun where we set up camp on a nice little site right next to a bar and the beach. So the rest of the day was spent doing chores, changing the rear tyre on Lucy’s bike, laundry etc with a mix up of odd swimming bouts to cool down!

This would make a good alternative to the original TET route as the landscape is like something off the moon on the western side, but a bit more lush and lived in on the eastern side. There are rocky side trails to that drop to hidden beaches if you have the time to spend searching them out...