Friday, 27 May 2016

Sherco 290 2002 - Rear Linkage Bearings and Service

The final job on my long list of servicing for the little Sherco at the moment is the rear linkage area of the bike. I can move the swing arm about 1-2cm when I lift it up, so I figure some of the bearings are knackered.

Sherco have a great little service manual PDF which shows you the lubrication points for the whole bike and in this document are the explanation notes for removing the rear shock and where the bearings are etc as well as an image of all the parts.

The steps are:
1. Remove the tail plastics
2. Remove the air box
3. Remove the footpegs
4. Remove the rear wheel
5. Remove the top rear shock bolt
6. Remove the bottom rear shock bolt and lift out the shock
7. Remove the linkage bolts from the dog bones
8. Push out the bushings
9. Tap out the bearings
10. Clean and replace anything worn
11. Re-assemble it all!

Some of the list above is easier said than done though!

I found the bushes and bolts were seized in and had to be tapped out with a big mallet etc, it all took some time and I eventually just removed the swing arm to allow easier access to it all and to get some 'tapping' force onto the bearings. I also loosened off the exhaust but actually you don't need too.

The upside of this was I got to clean and regrease all those parts too and fill the protective plastic cap with grease to keep water out for the future.

As usual I orderd the parts from the Spat Shop as they had a helpful kit ready to go and you just ticked the boxes of what you wanted. £50.00 in bearings and bushes. Whilst I wait for them to be delivered I've stripped everything back to clean metal and lubed it all with some Silkolene Pro RG2 grease

The rear shock bearings needed replacing as well, they are a 'rose joint' and have their own bushes and spacers. There are two per shock, so not a cheap replacement at £35 each!

After all this work I can't wait to get back out on the little blue machine and have some fun!