Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mud glorious Mud

Well it tuned out to be a sunny Sunday.....Steve and me headed out for a bit of a road ride as he is still broken. After about an hours riding Steve had had enough, which is unbelievable...I normally have to plead to be allowed to go home.....:-)

Anyway the sun was still shining and I decided I needed to do some lanes so off I went to find some mud.

The turtle preparing for a day out
I ended up heading down a local lane - Railway Terrace and then along to another local lane which has a muddy corner. Mud glorious mud!! I nearly ended up in the mud on may occasions and nearly lost control of the bike and lost the back end a couple of times. But for some bizarre reason I really really enjoyed myself and ended up doing laps of these lanes. I spent a lot of time practicing clutch and brake control - something it seems both me and the KTM need to learn together - slow controlled riding instead of charging everywhere and hoping for the best!!

The start of Longlands Lane
 After a while I decided it was time to explore further afield and ended up heading the pot holed lane of fun. As my riding has started to improve and I have started to pick a line I found this lane really hard work. Actually trying to control the bike and manouvere is a lot harder work than just throwing myself at stuff and hoping for the best.
Stunning views from Longlands
I decided to head out to my favourite lane, Longlands, a public way, which runs from near Overwater towards Uldale. It has stunning views of the fells all around. It is a very easy lane to ride and very enjoyable. It has a ford half way along and it never seems to hold a lot of water even after rain. 

The ford at Longlands
I decided t make my way home as I had been out all all afternoon. Great riding and it felt like I am getting a little better each time I go out. Lots of lovely mud today - only downside - I now a very dirty bike to clean...hmm maybe I can bribe Steve with beer...
Moody skies over Longlands