Saturday, 22 November 2014

A visit to the Dales - errr not exactly!!

I spent Wednesday sorting the bike, then loading the van, setting up the route in the GPS, with a planned 6am start on Thursday to drive the 2.5 hours down to Settle to meet Geoff, how gutted was I when, as we unloaded the van I realised I'd left the bike key at home... Truly a muppet moment!!

Of course, Geoff took advantage of my daftness by taking the piss a fair bit & so he should!! We even tried & failed to hot wire the little ole DR, but stopped  when we realised there was the added problem of a locking fuel cap & an empty fuel tank!!

The drive down was beautiful too, the sunrise a lovely red glow, the summit of Ingleborough had a little hat of cloud on it & the day just had that feel of being a beautiful autumn day

So switch plans, head back to mine, collect the key & razz round the northern Lakes for the afternoon before Geoff had to head back home to head out on his weekly piss up with the lads he grew up with ...

We still managed a cool little ride, taking in a few new lanes for Geoff & having a nice chat with one of Penrith's finest who questioned Geoff about his KTM as a few have been nicked locally apparently... nice guy, just driving round the area keeping an eye out!!

We took in the Coach Road, (of course), a couple of lanes around Mealsgate, then off to Longlands, Mungrisdale & Little Mell Fell finishing up at Mosser Fell after a stop for tea & cake at the Filling Station Cafe in Keswick.

The lanes were a little wet & greasy, Geoff's KTM 450 was settling in, he was getting used to the way it rides & handles, albeit still finding the battery is a bit poor & requiring the use of the kick start rather than the electric start. This also has affected the lights so the last bit of the ride was a race back home before the light faded too quickly!! Some halogen bulbs & a bigger battery coming up I reckon...

So back home, it's dark, the bikes are all muddy but the tea pot is full of hot tea & the chocolate digestives are open... clean the bike later me thinks!!

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Mosser Fell