Saturday, 19 August 2017

France - A day of random riding!

We ended up driving back into France and heading upto towards Angouleme. The bill for the van repairs had left us short and when we worked out the finances, we decided we'd have to start heading north back to the UK and reality again...

Hey ho, we had one last adventure planned, which was to ride with a friend who lives around that area plus we had a free gaff to doss at for a couple of days! En route we found a great little van selling roast chicken so that was lunch sorted.

We meandered through the Pyrenees, crossing back into France and taking a steady route north. En route we made arrangements to meet up with Mike and go for an exploration ride with some nice coffee and snack stops and stopped at a little hot springs so Lucy could go soak in the sulphuric waters!

The riding day set out following some trails Mike had been on before, he's a good rider and was off at a pace on his home ground trails, leaving Lucy & I trailing behind! Things settled down and we did a 180km loop with lots of new areas and trails, some of which turned out to be dead ends, some of which turned out to ace!

A lovely sardine based BBQ for the evening, along with some wine and that was us for our trip! The drive home was via Caen, where we saw a few refugees floating around, but was on the whole very uneventful, which is a good thing really... 

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