Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Trans Euro Trail - Romania - Bisoara Loop

Tuesday 27th June 2017

After a really stormy night with some biblical style rain which necessitated a move from where we were parked up for the night, we decided to move towards our planned departure point for the morning. So we up sticks and drove until after dark, which was an interesting experience with the potholes and mad Romanian drivers!

This morning we continued on along the D7d and found the tarmac ends after a village, this then left us crossing a pass on a very damaged dirt road, once back down to tarmac we drove to Bisoara, which is a village the TET passes through. Our aim was to to travel back to the dam on the Transfaragasan Pass road.

Bisoara is a lovely little farming village with some great views all around. The skies were threatening more storms with huge thunder clouds looming above us, so we set off thinking to turn around if the rain started. The trail was interesting at the start with lots of washed out sections, Lucy had her first 'off' of the trip when she got caught up in a fallen tree.

As it turned out, we got to a great little top along the route after have a couple of tricky moments where the latest round of forestry work has effectively wiped out the trail. The remaining piece was a proper enduro down hill section, steep plus very wet and soft, still you wouldn’t fall far if you fell off!

Luckily we didn’t fall and continued on along some fairly rough trails to get to our turn around point, passing some pretty chatty forestry workers along the way. The rain started and the thunder was rolling in the distance which both of us decided was the time to turn tail back to the van!

The return turned into a mini trials bike section as we found a way around the decimated trail by riding up a river, this gave us access to an easier section of trail and we used it to get back to the village.

En route we stopped to chat to a fellow enduro rider, a Kiwi lad on a a battered sherco 300, this also turned out to have a burnt out clutch cable, (apparently something had made it smoulder and melt), so the poor lad who was actually marking out a section of the upcoming Romaniacs Race. Now he was having to roll the bike back to his van to get another one!

After a good chat, we got back to the van, loaded up and went for coffee. Another fab day on the trail!