Sunday, 28 May 2017

Romania - Here we come...

I'm now on count down days wise until departure day!

John Paul & I will be driving to the ferry on our 25 hour trip across Europe to get to where we're staying in Romania. We're heading to a farm in the hills near a town called Caransebes. There we'll meet up with the other lads, Gareth, Darren & Steve and then it's time for some playtime!

I'm free all of this week so will be clocking up some hours on the bike for some last minute fitness training, then Thursday will be the last full service of the bikes before loading everything up on Friday.

It's amazing how much time it takes to prepare for a big trip, I've done a load of work on the van, treating all the rusty bits of bodywork, sorting out the crap paintwork and then cleaning and getting some service work done on it. The back of the van has had some new shelves and cupboards added, the cooker has been rebuilt to make it more solid for a much longer trip. Then a bit of painting/re-varnishing to make it all look spic & span again.

I have a couple of things left to do this week, replace the part full gas cylinder with a fresh full one, change the oil, oil filter, fuel filter on the van and get the brakes bled through.The local village mechanic is gouing to weld me a couple of replacement panels on the rear doors as I couldn't find any replacements, then I'll need to paint the doors to match the rest of the body, so will need a dry day for that, which is not looking promising on the forecast!

All that's missing now is Lucy, she's still in Peru and not back until June 13th, so the 'boys trip' will be over before she gets to us, which is a shame...

Anyway here's a sample film that one of the boys found on YouTube of the area we're heading to... Enjoy