Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Play on the Lanes

Some fun in the mud today, some nice lanes, a grumpy farmer and a very cool farmer who was just upset at the damage done to his field by a group with some 4x4's....

Oh and an epic finish as I had no clutch for the ride home!

We finished off the final part of the survey work for the Cumbria Hierarchy of Trails and got the notes to write up from Steve Pighills, so more lanes to add to the growing list of places to ride in the UK!

Boggy places that needed a bit of infill... we made a little causeway on one section so we could pass without any damage, great fun and good for next time too!

We met a farmer who was less than happy with a 4x4 group that had gone through his fields yesterday at Albyfield, the last time I rode this two weeks ago, it was pristine and looks like it hadn't seen tyres for years... today it was like this!

The tyre marks were about a foot deep, and over the hill, they had got bogged in and left a massive trench, it's this kind of antics that make them really unpopular!!

Another great day out, but my bike is now desperately in need of a full service, so it's time to take it off the road and get it sorted!!