Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Checking out some new lanes...

Cumbria TRF have taken on the role of updating the trails info for Cumbria on the Hierarchy of Trails information available at Cumbria County Council website.

Last checked between 2006 & 2008, some of the lanes have changed and some of the lanes that do not see much traffic need to be ridden to maintain them as a Byway/UCR.

I volunteered to look at the lanes in the north of the county, so over the next few weeks plan to ride a fair few... so far there has been a couple of rides that have turned into minor epics!

One lane that crosses the Caldew River, I'd looked at before, it has a short but deep ford across it and on my first visit with a mate, we decided the water levels were too high, so a return trip was logged in my head.

That day arrived whilst checking out the lanes for the HoT. It started out quite innocuously, a nice surface and set of bends down to the river.  The river looked deep and had a good current, but I decided to brave it! 

The results are in the film below... skip forward to about 5.30 seconds and watch in disbelief!!