Sunday, 31 January 2016

Gas Gas TXT 2000 125 - Service and Repairs Info

Another addition to the bike shed is a little trials bike for Lucy. She's always been a bit overawed by the Sherco and its power, not helped when she was spat off it coming down a small embankment, that one left her winded and wheezing like a cow for a few minutes, funny as to watch, not funny to experience apparently!!

So I've been quietly shopping for a little while for either a 125 or a 250, something cheap and solid, that she can learn on and build her confidence up with. This is what I found...

On first look, it's nice and tidy and someone has done a fair bit of the general maintenece on the bike. The tyres are good, the frame & decals all OK, it's got aftermarket handlebars and other little bits... for it's age it's pretty tidy.

The bad bits have appeared once I got it home and after Lucy had rode it and I'd then stripped it.

The 'new' chain turned out to be shiny new sprockets and a truly knackered chain resulting in the bike being hard to push around. I'd noticed this when I rode the bike, but thought it was just a sticking caliper or something... New chain on its way...

I've bought a Regina Trials specific chain from the Splat Shop to try out, it was only £24 and comes with a split link. I've also bought the 9 tooth front sprocket that is standard. At the moment there is a new 10 tooth one on it, so I'll see whether Lucy likes this before I change it.

The Del Orto PHBL 26 carb only runs when the choke is on, but as it's virtually identical to the one on the Sherco, it's a a fairly straight forward fix, change all the seals and jets and then set the mixture and tickover. Plus clean all the inline filters, fuel tank, internal carb one etc etc... Parts on their way too.I'm trying the same 38 main jet as I put into the Sherco to see if it makes a difference. I've also re routed the fuel line as it's gravity fed but was going uphill over the top of the carb and the bike stalled going up & downhill. We'll see whether this is the cure.

The Rear Caliper is a bit knackered as suspected too, the retaining screw for the pads has seized into the body of the caliper. The bleed nipple also twisted off when it came time to bleed the system, so I'm hunting for a replacement as trying to extract the remaining thread hasn't worked at all. The pistons are virtually stuck in there too... It looks like its not seen a service in a loooong time! A replacement AJP version is about £100, I haven't found the Hebo version as yet.

It turns out on this that you can't find them in the UK. I found one on Ebay from Italy and after a post on Trials Central, I was given a Gas Gas part number from one of the guys (BT27922001). Apparently there is a similarity to the AJP 4 pot caliper but it doesn't fit. (A comment from one of the guys). The modern versions are 2 pot AJP ones, which are apparently better all round.

The Splat Shop also do the Hebo Service Kit of seals and pistons for £22.  Part No: GBT27922201 but they haven't been able to get hold of them for over 12 months now. Rocking horse poo is the phrase that is starting to describe these parts. I've now resorted to hunting for the replacement 'O' ring needed inside and to try to strip out the old pistons, try a complete rebuild and see if that works... failing this it'll be machine a new carrier plate for a more modern caliper... we'll see!

The Front Caliper was also sticking on the pistons, the bolts were fairly well corroded in as well, however lots of gentle heat and patience got them out in the end. I've now stripped the whole caliper down, cleaned it a rebuilt it. Its re-bled and working but I reckon if it doesn't improve after some use I'll have to replace the pistons and the seals. A mere £22.00 for the set. At least these are still available though!

The Air Filter is Ok, the airbox is an interesting design though in comparison to the Sherco. The front cover is quite a heavy duty beast, with two bolts holding it in place. All of the bolts are held in place by a couple mre bolts and extender tubes running through the airbox. The wacky bit is that all the threads run the same way, so as you try to loosen one, the rest spin too and you actually fail to get any of it to come apart with out lots of turning!

The air filter is easy to fit though and just a sheet of oily foam costing £10!

This bike has had a new fan fitted, it's still clean and shiny, so I'm hoping I won't have to change the coolant as it should have been changed when this was installed, but that's just me being lazy! I'll have to check...

This bike came with a side stand fitted, which is a nice little thing to have in the Lakes where there is nowhere to lean your bike on the fells whilst you go look at a section. I'm shopping for one now for the Sherco as it has the same holes drilled in the bottom of the swing arm.

Engine Oils:
Apparently for the older Gas Gas engines, called the 'Edition' (Pre 2002), its better to use a standard 5w30 none sythentic oil. YouTube Vid to explain. 650cc's in American measuremnts or 0.65ml in UK speak, which is less than I thought. You can use an ATF, (Automatic Transmission Fluid), but as it's made to slip, your clutch won't be as good.


I've found a couple of places for Parts Lists and Manuals, so here they are.

Tech Info: 
I found this US website about all things Gas Gas, always worth a look if you're struggling to find out something...

Gas Gas Riders 
Trials Central

What I find funny is that this is a completely different brand to the Sherco, yet take all the logos and colour schemes off it and it would be difficult to tell the two bikes apart until you rode them. A lot of shared parts and geometry from my first cursory inspections.There are more fittings and bolts to unscrew, but this makes things a bit more rigid when you throw the bike around too, so not a bad thing.

Lucy has now had a good ride on it, she's comfortable starting it, which she wasn't with the Sherco and she seems to be genuinely pleased and enjoying the little amount of time she's spent on it so far...
It's always good to see a smiley lady!

More fun on two wheels!