Sunday, 13 December 2015

Winter Has Arrived... a short trip to the Dales

We had planned a weekend out in the Lakes this weekend, however the heavy flooding has left roads closed and serious damage throughout the County, so a swift change in plans saw Geoff, Andy, Lee and myself heading to the Dales for a day out instead.

Plans failed there too as the heavy rains turned to snow!

 We set off up the Cam High Road in rain, but it soon turned to snow and the higher we went, the deeper it got... you couldn't tell what was under the flat surface so all of us were off a few times!

Geoff's bike never even made it off the trailer!

We saw a lad out with his hounds, he'd elt them off for a run and now had to wait an unknown time for them to come back... it was snowing hard when we left him.. after this we saw 2 Land Rover's out for a play... great stuff!

The trails were ride able, but the tarmac was really slippy so after a couple of hours we bailed back to the pub!

On the way back to Cumbria, loads of cars were getting stuck in the wet snow, I was pretty glad I had my snow tyres on as some of the little hills were really slippy.

Back home to Lucy, the log fire and some beer...

If you want to see more about the flooding in Cumbria recently, have a look at Cumbria Crack or the BBC Look North stuff.