Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Spain - Andalucia Trails

I finished the 12 hour dive from Barcelona to La Linea around 1pm ish on Monday, I caught up with some old friends,Graham & Karen, over a bottle of wine and pizza at their house. After a late night of chatting, some sleep and a beautiful sunrise start we set of to collect Graham's bike from his garage.

The riding started with a trip to the garage as I'd found I'd got a puncture, 10 euros saw it sorted, so off we set for a play on some of the local lanes. 

Winched up to change the inner tube.
 Graham's bike is a Yamaha XT 600, its absolutely beautiful in a royal blue, with all the shiny bits well polished... He's spent hours working on it to make it sparkle so... riding dirt trails would soon change that though!

None of the trails were difficult technically, but as with both France and the Pyrenees, the scenery was beautiful, with hills rolling away into the distance, Farmers were working on their various plots of land, some quite chatty, some not so much... Horses were all over the place, cattle too and some black pigs, which provide prize meat for the locals.

Drinking water from a source

Trails rolling into the distance

A local farmer giving us route advice

His little dog
We rode around a load of lanes near Gaucin, they just roll into the hills and for us, Graham managed to pick up loads of info from the locals, as his Spanish is so good, it was a real bonus to have that luxury really. One farmer had us talking for nearly 20 mins, talking about his old Renault 4 and his Citreon C15 van, both of which he'd bought from new well over 20 years ago, they were in beautiful condition and were still in daily use as the modern stuff can't ope with these trails as well.

We rode upto a view point Graham knew called the Viewpoint of Africa,a great place, great views and it would make a lovely bivvy spot to watch both the sunrise and sunset!

So after this it was back to the village for a tapas lunch in the sunshine...

Happy Days