Monday, 8 June 2015

Haggs Bunkhouse: All Terrain Adventure Weekend

Lucy and I were invited upto Haggs for the weekend to help out with the Adventure Spec All Terrain Weekend hosted by Haggs Bank. aka Danny and Cathy.

As Lucy was working on the Friday evening I drove up with the bikes, the plan was for Lucy to turn up on Saturday morning then take some people out for a day on the Northumbria and Cumbria lanes.

Friday afternoon was gorgeous... I got involved helping with the river crossings training, mainly just watching and hoping I wasn't gonna get wet feet whilst picking up someone's bike when they got a dunking... John, the trainer is a swift water rescue guy with loads of outdoor experience and a passion for motorbikes and rallying. We got on well and ended up drinking beer most of the night talking shite, as you do!

Saturday dawned windy, the clouds scudding across the blue sky at a right rate on knots. The marquee to a battering and we had to tie it down to some vans to keep it in place before breakfast too! Later in the day the roof ripped and we had to take it down, a proper team work exercise!!

We met up with the guys that wanted to ride out and found them all on dirt bikes so planned to ride some of the more rugged lanes in two loops, a short one in Cumbria and a longer one into Northumbria taking in loads of classics.

The riding took in some ace lanes, with a start through Alston on the Wardway, before heading into the ruts and deep puddles on Rowgill Cleugh. Haresceugh Lane followed this with a bit of a tumble for the lad on the CRF 250, bruised rib anyone??

A quick sweep up Gamblesby and Hazel Rigg saw us having tea at Hartside Cafe then a romp over to Isaacs Tea Trail, Limestone Brae and down into Nenthead and Killhope before heading over Coldberry Moor for some serious wind sessions!

We finished up on Tynehead before heading back to Haggs to rescue the marquee! A very wind blown group we were too by the time we got back... great day out again though and I got a good look at a DRZ400 and a Husqvarna FE450, both really capable bikes.

The Husky was very KTM ish, whilst the two DRZ's were classics of their kind, solid, dependable bikes.

More great folk, some good laughs and a few beers, what more can you ask for on a weekend??

Thanks to Danny and Cathy for their company and the invite and thanks to Dave from Adventure Spec for putting together the planned rides for the weekend, excellent fun was had by all...

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  1. Those were some proper northern lanes! Was a bit disappointed the leader didn't have a Woodbine on while riding and the lunch stop wasn't a pub for some ale with a decent head ;) Anyway, maybe next time. Great day on Saturday, sorry I didn't make it on Sunday (did try to call Neil/Nic). Good luck with The V.I.N.C.E!