Sunday, 10 May 2015

Southwaite Trials Playtime

Gaz & I met up with a lad called Matt at our last trial at Southwaite, once we got talking, turns out here was a game keeper for the local farmers, so had access to loads of land that the farmers didn't use... land that was perfect for us to play on too!!

Downside was that all the rain recently had made the whole place slippy & muddy as hell, still we geared up & set off to see how much fun could be had!!

Matt rides a Beta Rev 3, 2007 version... nice bike, the power delivery comes in much gentler than the Sherco or Gaz's Gas Gas Raga, something which caught me out  on the first muddy climb, which I slid backwards back down.... Twice!! muppet...

Matt had bought one of my Sherco's off me for his mate, no helmet as yet, but he's pretty handy on the bike nevertheless!

Gaz managed to get some good airtime popping over a log at the top of a climb...

A great afternoon out, spoiled a bit by my clutch playing up, I basically had no clutch, the bike would not shut off at all, so prop against a tree & I got to ride both Gaz's bike, Matt's Beta & the 2001 Sherco, so good for me!! Thanks to all the guys for allowing me to play.

So my Sherco has now had the master cylinder & the slave cylinder apart, I've ordered some new seals form the Splatt Shop, so a clutch rebuild due this week, one evening whilst I'm down south somewhere!!

Enduro sessions next weekend in the Lakes or Northumbria with the guys... Lucy has her first weekend off in ages so out to play we go...

Check out Mark, from the Northumbria TRF, losing his KTM 350 in a fast flowing ford here!!

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