Sunday, 19 April 2015

Byways around Ousby, Alston and Coldberry Moor in the Sunshine

Another beautiful Saturday in the Lakes saw Lucy & I heading out for a rare ride with just the two of us... We are so fortunate to live in a place with a huge variety of byways on our doorstep, so after looking at the maps for a bit we decided to put a route together that linked Cumbria & Northumbria.

What followed was a grand day out again, with several new lanes for us both & for Lucy, plenty of practice at navigating with a GPS & leading the day... even better for me!!

We parked up just before Melmerby, then took a few lanes upto Hartside Cafe, Lucy rode the lane just after this that I don't know the name of . It's pretty rutted from both tractors, 4x4's & bikes using it, but that is it's attraction really,  not to mention the fact that the views are spectacular & there is never anybody on it because it doesn't link to anything else really, perfect!!

Some of the lanes we did today, like Coldberry Moor, Limestone Brae & Isaacs Tea Trail, we'd done the other way whilst riding with the Northumbria TRF guys. So for us this way round was a different kettle of fish, especially the descents...

Lucy took a pearler of a tumble on Isaacs, she got up, shook herself off, dusted the bike down & carried on as if nothing had happened, the front wheel bounced off a rock & down she went!

err... where are we?

House for sale on a byway entrance anyone??
Lunch was a quick snack whilst checking out a new lane, it dead ended so we enjoyed the view instead whilst eating strawberry laces & malt loaf!!

One of the places we passed by was Nenthead, with it's copper & silver mines & the Killhope mines just down the road which mined lead... well worth a visit if you're into your history or archaeology...

Killhope Mine
From here, we dropped into Cowshill & took the tarmac road over the reservoir which links into Coldberry Moor. A brilliant place in the sunshine, shame about the wreckage the forestry have left behind since cutting the trees down that surrounded the lake.

Wildish Moorland on the border of two counties!

Once on Coldberry Moor, we came across an abandoned car, that's the second one this week, the last one was on the Coach Road!! God knows how they get there or get back off, the chassis must be wrecked or they've been nicked & dumped??

A descent of Tynehead was next up, neither of us had ridden the lane this way, so it was a interesting descent, I never noticed the small limestone walls that line the lane before!! Good drop off if you get it wrong!!

We dropped back to Alston for some more fuel, then headed back upto Hartside for a cuppa in the sun & cold wind before dropping back into the Eden Valley for a few lanes down there before getting back to the van & heading home for a pizza & beer night...

Another excellent day out on two wheels!!

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