Sunday, 29 March 2015

Trials biking from a female point of view

Trails biking from a female point of view....

Steve has a sherco 290, which in theory is more powerful than my KTM 250 ECX F, which off road can be a beast! The first time we had a play on the trials bike it seem possessed and took off. It is something I experienced again when riding it cold - if this little baby is not warm it likes to lurch forward and catch you off guard! Anyway after lots of tinkering by Steve the sherco is running better and I have plucked up more courage to ride her a bit more. 

Stick that ass out!
I'm not doing anything too technical yet and in some ways it reminds me of my bike test....all those tedious figure of 8's. Although riding a trials bike is not tedious, it's addictive and therapeutic. I have found you can lose hours just riding round in circles! Steve and I were out one night until sunset just taking it in turns to play on the bike. I'm looking forward to summer evenings of biking and BBQ's!

Foot down penalty!

Getting to grips with the downhill bank
I'm still getting used to the bike and using the rear brake is interesting as it is quite far forward on the sherco. I also feel like I am sticking my ass out - literally - as you can see from the photos! But I just need a bit more time on the bike and to work on my position. What is great to see is the hard work that Steve has put in has paid off. His riding has come on massively and he is riding the trials bike a lot better than when he first got it.

Steve showing me how it's done

I however am still progressing slowly and having been back on my KTM a couple of times I have definitely seen some benefits. Things such as changing gear while standing up on the pegs comes naturally now. In general I seem to be riding on the pegs more comfortably now. I have managed to master the art of kick starting but I am keen to learn some more tricks. However, I think I'll remember to wear my armour after clattering down the bank and winding myself!

It's all good fun and a highly recommended way to waste the best part of a day!

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