Friday, 10 October 2014

Drumclog... a Scottish Playground!!

Gaz, Lucy & I arranged to go visit Drumclog today, it's just south of Glasgow, off the A71 & a pay & play type place that is on a farm, there is the motocross track & the enduro course, which is where we went to check out...

£15 per person for the day was the fee, parking is in a field near the entrance & you just blat off into the nearby hills to get muddy!

There are loads of steep climbs/descents, lots of river crossings & I suspect as things get wetter, some really deep soft mud... sweaty & swearing sessions go with that of course!!

Some local quad bikers turned up...

Parking at Drumclog
Lucy had just bought a KTM 250 EXC-F, since she passed her test last week, this has been the focus of each day, shopping for a new toy!! She settled on this one from B+B Motorcycles in Lincoln, a place that is run by a really nice guy & a good team of guys, really a pleasure to deal with. They have virtually no knowledge of off road bikes so as the bike had had a recent service by KTM they just changed the oil & gave it a once over.

Within a few hours of riding, Lucy is in love with this bike, it's a huge step up from her Honda XR125 & so she has a fairly steep learning curve to learn how to ride it to both it & her potentials!!

Toys out to play...

A very proud member of the Orange Owners club!!
Cool KTM Chick!!
Anyhoo, back to Drumclog... we had an interesting morning just mooching around figuring the place out, I'm into water & river crossings, Gaz hates them, Lucy is still in the indifferent club as there is too much else to learn at the moment, so as we rode around I naturally headed straight through anything that had water in it, Gaz followed his trials background & would stop, get off his bike, look at it from a few angles then ride through it, the water is black though, so you can't see the rocks below the surface & in parts they are slippy, so it's a pick a line & get on with it type of thing.... needless to say we had some moments!!

Lucy dropped the KTM in almost all of them, Gaz dropped his XT in a deep one, flooded it with river water & broke the clutch lever bracket straight off, not seen one break there before!!

Wobble, wobble, wobble... phew... made it!!

Mud, glorious mud!!

Oops broke that then!!

Hill climb fun,,,

Looking over a part of Drumclog
 Great day out, well worth the drive, we'll be back as the big guy says!!

YouTube Vid Links:
River Crossings 1
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