Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Commuting by Bike

I have been riding to work intermittently all summer. But with the recent good weather I have been heading out on my bike every morning, and it is now becoming routine.

Thankfully my foot injury is on the mend and can now get my bike boots back on - just!

Riding to work has been really helping my riding in general - just being on the bike every day makes a massive difference and its great fun. Also because I'm working a lot at the moment at least it means I arrive at work with a smile on my face :-)

I'm really fortunate that my commute to work can be one of 3 routes:

1. Boring grind on the main road
2. Minor roads through small villages, or
3. A fab mountain pass with lots of nice bends - bring it on!

The view down Bassenthwaite from Whinlatter

So yeah I normally go for option 3 and the mountain pass is Whinlatter. It winds up out of the quiet village of Lorton and into the forest. If I start work at 7 I am riding at 6.30 in the morning and pretty much have the roads to myself. Lots of great uppy downy bendy windy stuff to go at!!

The past couple of mornings have been gorgeous. Yesterday was a wee but nippy but this meant the view looking down on Bassenthwaite lake was stunning with mist hanging in the valleys. The pic is from a sunny day out but it gives the general idea of the view. And in this layby there is normally an ice cream van for a sneaky treat on the way home - bonus!

The other great sight is the sun as it streams through the big sitka spruce trees and it is stunning. This morning I was treated to the best sight of the week - two red deer heading out of the forest. Not a bad way to start the day!

Red deer In Whinlatter Forest

Long may my commuting by bike last - I have the attractive onesie waterproof at the ready as this weather won't last forever!! But whatever the weather it has to be said I am definitely hooked on life on 2 wheels. (However, I'll post an update after I have had a few more soggy bottom and cold finger days!)

Me preparing for a wet ride in Steve's waterproof onesie

And on a final note the other bonus is I can get to work and back for less than a tenner a week - the XR 125 is great on fuel efficiency. Can't be bad.